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Why Beauty from Ashes Counselling?

Beauty from Ashes Counselling has been created to provide professional counselling services with a difference. Some clients may feel comfortable going to one-on-one counselling in its traditional format, but not everyone feels that way. My desire is to give people an opportunity to address their emotional pain in a way that feels comfortable and non-threatening to them.

The name Beauty from Ashes was inspired by two important things to me: The main reason is found in the Bible in the book of the prophet Isaiah 61:3 where we are told that the Lord would provide, for those who were grieving, a crown of beauty instead of ashes (NIV).

The other factor that I considered, when choosing this name, was the resilience of the Australian trees after the devastating bush fires. That they would be able to recover, after being burnt to what looks like completely destruction. But that they would be able to flourish again, and provide green shoots as a way to remind us of the great hope, that we have to hold on to, as we go through life's trials. 

For me, as I journey with my clients, through their painful stories, I can still see hope for recovery. I can hold them safe through their painful moments, and "water" them until "new shoots" arise from the "ashes", and beauty is found again in them.

I wanted this business name to be an encouragement to my clients that there is always hope, even after a huge fire and a feeling of being left with only ashes.

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More About Me

My name is Angela Ngiam.

I am a registered counsellor with ACA (Australian Counselling Association).

I completed the Diploma of Counselling from AIFC (Australian Institute of Family Counselling) and the Graduate Diploma from Morling College. I am currently doing my Masters in Counselling through Morling College. I am a horticulture therapist and nature play provider.

I am also the co-founder of Freedom to Flourish, a non-for-profit initiative to deliver mental health programs for trauma survivors from refugee and asylum seeker background in Sydney.

I enjoy helping my clients to manage their general well-being through a client-centered approach, that respects their identity, their background, their stories, and their struggles. 

I love the outdoors, and I am a keen gardener.

I am a great believer that being outside, and interacting with nature, is a great way to promote well-being, and a great way to deal with emotional pain. I provide sessions inside and outside the counselling room, using the outdoor environment, when needed, for a more relaxed setting, which can help settle anxiety and fear.

I speak fluent English and Portuguese and offer therapeutic services in both languages.

I hope to hear from you to discuss your particular needs, and hopefully start a therapeutic relationship to support you in your journey of finding beauty from the ashes of life. 

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