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Supporting you in your journey of emotional healing

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Why Beauty from Ashes Counselling

Beauty from Ashes Counselling has been created to provide professional counselling services with a difference. Some clients may feel comfortable going to one-on-one counselling in its traditional format, but not everyone feels that way. My desire is to give people an opportunity to address their emotional pain in a way that feels comfortable and non-threatening to them.

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Please have a look at the standard services below. Feel free to contact me for customized service to attend your particular therapeutic needs.

Outdoor Therapeutic Session

For clients that prefer to meet outdoors, at a park, at a public garden, at the beach, or go for a bush walk while we talk.

Therapeutic Horticulture Session

For clients that prefer to meet at their home garden, or in a community garden, and use caring for plants as the means to deal with their mental health.

Online Counselling Session

For clients that prefer to have their sessions online.

Face-to-face Counselling

For clients that prefer the traditional style of one-on-one and face-to-face counselling sessions.

Nature Therapy for kids

The best way to care for our kids' mental health is, firstly, prevention. The second best way is to play through existing issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other common issues children face. Nature has everything to make it fun and exciting for kids.

Nature Therapy for seniors

Nature therapy has been used to promote better moods, decreased chance of depression, reduced stress levels, and improve cognitive function.

School program

This service is a customized program for mental health care, through the use of nature, for schools. Please contact me for more information.

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Contact Me

If you want to discuss your needs and book an appointment please contact me on:

0419 133 773

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